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Welcome to Movicare:
One of the most experienced companies in Chile
6.000 Critically Patients Transfers.
2.600 Air Ambulance Transfers.
Awarded bids from hospitals: Antofagasta, Chillán, Concepción, Osorno.
Bid for the Hospital del Cobre, Codelco located in Calama.
Patient Transportation for Dakar Rally, Chile.
Transportation requested by the private health insurers GES-CAEC units.
Request transfer by email to contacto@movicare.cl, attaching the patient's report.
Coordinators will manage your request; they will immediately contact the practitioner, family and the receiving medical center.
Staff at origin center will download the transportation forms from www.movicare.cl.
Medical Authorization and informed consent.
Coordinators report the transfer plan indicating approximate time of arrival to all the involved parties.
Patient is transferred safely and received by the destination Medical Center.
  • Can a patient that is connected to a mechanical ventilator be transported?
    • Yes, staffed by a company specializing in critical patients transportation, equipment and procedures allowing to transport critical patients connected to mechanical ventilation in its different modalities: Non Invasive Mechanical Ventilation (CPAP, BIPAP), Conventional Invasive Ventilation, High Frequency Ventilation and also in special cases patients are transferable with nitric oxide support.

  • Can a premature new born be transported?
    • Yes. Specialized neonatal care Doctors and Nurses and protocols that are defined according to their severity, days of life and gestational age at birth allow Movicare to offer your child the highest standards of safety for transportation..

  • Can a critical patient be transported in any type of ambulance?
    • No. They can only be made in advanced emergency ambulances (AEA). These are highly complex ambulances authorized by the Ministry of Health to transport critical patients and they have medical staff, nursing and specialized equipment. Critical patients CANNOT be transported in ordinary ambulances (ATS), because they do not have the staff, equipment or ministerial accreditation.

  • My father is going to be transferred by plane from Antofagasta to Santiago, can I accompany him?
    • The MOVICARE coordination team will evaluate the patient’s clinical case, and, depending on the result, will get in touch to inform you if you can or not travel with the patient.

  • If I accompany the patient during the transfer, what are my obligations?
    • In the event that you may accompany the patient during the trip, you are responsible for:

      a. The maximum luggage should be the size of a handbag, maximum weight 10 Kg, only for carrying your basic personal belongings.

      b. The accompanied family member that will perform the patient’s admission to the medical center must carry the patients and their own valid identification card.

      c. You must complete and sign the “Family Companion Regulations " form which acknowledges the associated risks and precautions to be taken during the flight.
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Medical Escort Service Commercial Airplane.We offer the option to accompany patients on transfers made ​​on commercial flights .

If you need to contact us by phone call:
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